Accident & Emergency Care


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Dr. Nini Shah
Head of Emergency Department- Emergency Medicine
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Dr Devyani A. Patel
Junior Consultant-Emergency Medicine
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Dr. Yazad Madan
Associate Consultant - Emergency Medicine
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Consultant - Department of Emergency Medicine
 Accident & Emergency Care

We, at Kiran Hospital, are extremely committed to provide the best and the Urgent care to all Emergency & Trauma patients.


  • Accident & Emergency Department for patient is supported by an easily accessible dedicated entrance, with ramp to facilitate the transfer of patients to ER.
  • We have the best facilities available for a prompt response at the time of Accidents and other such life-threatening circumstances.
  • 11-bed state-of-the-art Emergency Department with Complete 24 *7 back up of ICU, ICCU, SICU, PICU, NICU, Pathology Lab, and Radiology Services & Operation Theatres.
  • Emergency department with well trained and efficient Doctors, critical care specialists & nursing staff, trained for all kind of emergencies
  • ICU-on- wheels ambulances with all latest equipment for prehospital care. Helipad is planned on Top Of the Hospital and when Permitted to Operate will allow air ambulances to carry patients to & from the hospital.
  • Plaster Room, Observation Room, and Emergency Operation Theater (with operation table, lights and Anesthesia machines) for Acute Emergency within the Vicinity of ER.
  • All Medico legal cases are accepted & facility of Police Room is available near ER
  • ER equipped with facilities of world class Equipments like Defibrillator, multipara monitor, ventilator, portable X-ray, Sonography & 2D Echo machines.
  • CODE BLUE facility.
  • Staff is trained for patient resuscitation.
  • Dedicated elevators for immediate transfer of patients from ER to the operating rooms Or Intensive Care Units.
  • A Pneumatic Chute system for laboratory samples.


  • All type of Medical & Surgical Emergency Management
  • Accident & Trauma Management