General Guidelines For Patient Visitors

  • People with fever, cold sores, cough, nasal drainage, colds, diarrhea, or any contagious disease should not visit patients
  • Visitors should maintain a quiet environment and avoid unnecessary noise to optimize patient rest. Keep visits short and quiet
  • Due to confidentiality, visitors may be asked to leave the room during tests or treatments or when doctor/nurses consult with a patient
  • For safety reasons, visits may be limited when the patient is in isolation precautions
  • Do not bring eatables, battery operated toys, cameras and children (below 12 years of age) in the hospital
  • In case of fire, use Fire staircase following signage.

Denial Or Termination Of A Visit

  • The following is a list of rules for visitors to Kiran Hospital. Violation of these rules may result in the termination, denial of the visit, or suspension of visitation privileges for the visitor.
  • Any form of Tobacco or tobacco related products like pan masala ,gutkha, smoking etc are strictly prohibited and may be fined as per hospital rules and regulations.
  • Visitors, who appear under the influence of alcohol or drugs (except medically prescribed drugs), display disorderly or inappropriate behavior, or refuse to follow staff directives, may be denied visitation.
  • Visitors who refuse or fail to produce sufficient identification or falsifies information.
  • Narcotic or illegal Drugs, alcohol and weapons are not permitted in Kiran Hospital. Persons found to be attempting to bring any of these items in the Hospital are subject to Legal prosecution.
  • All visitors will be screened with a metal detector prior to their entrance. Any visitor who has a medical condition, i.e., metal pin in leg, dental bridges, wheel chair confinements, etc., must provide verification to the Security at the time of visit.
  • Visitor refuses to submit to search procedures.
  • No outside food or drink items may be carried in the Kiran Hospital.
  • Visitors are required to Screen all purses, handbags, or other carrying items, in the baggage x-ray machine prior to visit.
  • Children cannot be left unattended in the entrance lobby or parking lot. Any child leaving the visiting area for any reason must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Pet animals are not permitted.
  • Other conduct or conditions deemed by the Security Supervisor to be disruptive to visiting operations or the security of the Kiran Hospital.